Human eye movements for vision are remarkably adaptable

In the new study, MiYoung Kwon, Anirvan Nandy, and Tjan simulated a loss of foveal vision in six normally sighted young adults by blocking part of a visual scene with a gray disc that followed the individuals’ eye gaze. Those individuals were then asked to complete demanding object-following and visual-search tasks. Within three hours of working on those tasks, people showed a remarkably fast and spontaneous adjustment of eye movements . Once developed, that change in their “point of gaze” was retained over a period of weeks and was reengaged whenever their foveal vision was blocked. Tjan and his team say they were surprised by the rate of this adjustment. They note that patients with macular degeneration frequently do adapt their point of gaze, but in a process that takes months, not days or hours. They suggest that practice with a visible gray disc like the one used in the study might help speed that process of visual rehabilitation along.
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Blurred vision? Eye doctor myths exposed – learn how to exercise your eye muscles for restoring healthy vision and eliminating prescription glasses

How pinhole glasses exercise your ciliary muscles and help restore normal vision Looking through pinhole glasses, as simple as it sounds, causes the ciliary body of your eyes to engage in adaptive exercise that increases the range of motion of your ciliary muscles which control your lenses. This happens because the pinhole glasses are made with hundreds of tiny holes that change the light entering your eyes from an overpowering mass of light rays to a collection of lower-intensity, distinct light rays that effectively give your eyes a more “organized” pattern on which to focus. There’s probably a more technical explanation for all this, but the practical upshot is that all sorts of people who suffer from vision problems — myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, astigmatism, computer vision syndrome, and so on — often report instantly improved clarity of vision when wearing these pinhole glasses. It’s not magic, it’s just physics. If you force your eye lens muscles to adapt by challenging them, they will usually respond with improved function over time (just like building leg strength by walking or jogging). Even better, many people report ongoing improvements in their vision even after taking off these pinhole glasses.
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