Getting children the nutrition they need

Intensity Nutrition Introduces New Enhanced Formulas for Intense Workout Support

A recent study by the nonprofit Feeding America ranked the District second in the nation for child food insecurity, defined as not having access at all times to enough food for healthy living. The group estimates that one in four children in the nation experiences food insecurity. The problem becomes most acute in the summer. The Agriculture Department, which administers federally supported child nutrition programs, estimates that 21 million low-income children participate in free or reduced-price breakfast and lunch programs during the school year. That number shrinks to between 2 million and 3 million served by the USDAs summer meals program when school is out. The long-recognized gap has given rise to new initiatives, supported by additional federal funds, that seek to overcome the obstacles preventing children from getting proper nutrition. Hence the bus in Tennessee that takes food to children in rural areas who cant get to meal sites.
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Nutrition kicks the cigarette fix

We have focused exclusively on providing the right ingredients, in the right amounts, to give you everything you need and absolutely nothing that you dont need. Intensity Nutrition, founded in 2007, has a reputation in the marketplace for delivering precisely formulated nutritional products with no fillers or pixie dust. The company is proud to deliver these types of precise formulations in todays sports nutrition marketplace, ensuring customers that precise formulations of the Intensity Nutrition product line will always fall within the realm of the utmost safety and integrity. Manufactured in an audited facility and conforming to the guidelines of the WADA, NCAA, US Military, USDA, Certified GMP and being Informed Choice Certified, you can feel confident about Training With Intensity Nutritions Nutritional Sports Supplements. For more information about Intensity Nutrition and its no pixie dust product line, please visit for detailed information about all the products as well as full disclosure of the supplemental facts associated with each product.
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Fort Worth Nutrition Examiner

It is part of Japan and WFPs expanded partnership to scale-up joint nutrition efforts to support governments in Africa, with a particular focus on pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and young children who are most at risk from under nutrition. A statement signed by the WFP Ghana noted that the announcement of $1 million in support for Ghana and $500,000 for Sierra Leone was made during the visit to Ghana on August 7, by Dr Toshiko Abe, Japans Parliamentary Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs. During the visit Dr Abe met with Felix Gomez, WFP Deputy Regional Director for West Africa. WFP is extremely grateful for Japans strong commitment, leadership and investment in improving the nutrition of vulnerable mothers and children. Childrens physical and intellectual development can be irreversibly damaged if they do not receive proper nutrition during the first 1,000 days, from conception until a child reaches two years of age.
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How is this done? From Maca to Mucuna, to alkalizing the body, nutrition is the yellow brick road for quitting smoking for good. In fact, the little “pep” smokers get from nicotine can easily be replaced with natural remedies, if the smokers only knew how, but hardly any cessation programs even mention nutrition, herbs or tinctures, and when they do, it’s only “touch and dismiss,” so the smokers don’t really ever research it, try it, or succeed with it. There is a method that has proven results, and quitting smoking isn’t just about ending a nicotine fix, it’s about reclaiming your healthy life and helping everyone around you that has to deal with second hand and yes, third hand smoke. In case you weren’t aware, second hand smoke kills 600,000 people worldwide every year. ( ). Add to that a newfound mutagenic known as third hand smoke, which is toxic residue from cigarette smoke that adheres to practically every surface, including hair, skin, clothing, carpeting, ceilings, furniture and paint.
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WFP welcomes Japan’s contribution of $1.5m to nutrition

World Food Programme

Many times when we want to treat someone special, we take them for a nice steak. As a registered dietitian, I am often asked if steak is a &quot… HeartGift Fort Worth January 30, 2013 As we head into February and our thoughts turn to all things hearts, I am honored and excited to be working for HeartGift. As a dietitian, I know the effect heart conditions can have on children not only nutritionally… New Year’s Solutions December 31, 2012 As the Nutrition Examiner for Fort Worth, Texas, I have explored different aspects of nutrition throughout the city this year. When fueling oneself, eating healthy can make a big difference in overall health.
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